SCP: Infohazard is a survival horror SCP videogame, where you take on the role of a death row inmate-turned experiment subject, utilized by the mysterious SCP Foundation to help deal with the most dangerous monsters and anomalies that they contain. When an experiment is sabotaged and reality itself is threatened, you must navigate through the depths of Site-97 and to find a way to stop what might just be the end of the world.

SCP: Infohazard
immerses you in the inner workings of The SCP Foundation like never before, with breathtaking details, clever puzzles, heart-pounding stealth, combat, and more. Use the environment to your advantage as you avoid the escaped anomalies, defend yourself again corrupted facility staff, and explore an environment twisted by the surreal.

SCP includes collaboration from voice actors, writers, and artists from all over the SCP community, bringing the Foundation to life like never before.

The Kickstarter for SCP:Infohazard launches in September 2024. Get info on the goals and add-ons here!

The SCP Community

This SCP title is part of a greater community of creators. The SCP Foundation is not just a narrative but a dynamic and creative community project. It thrives on contributions from writers, artists, and enthusiasts from all around the world, offering an open-source platform where anyone can write new SCP entries, tales, and documentation that expand this dark and mysterious universe. This collaborative effort has led to a rich and diverse lore, encompassing thousands of SCPs, each with its own story and containment lore. The community is built on the principles of creativity, respect for intellectual property, and collective storytelling.

The team

SCP: Infohazard is being developed by GIB Games. Our team of consists of full- and part-time Unity developers with over 50 years combined experience in game development and a deep passion for SCP, games, and SCP videogame development. The Infohazard team includes experienced and well-known writers, artists and content creators of the SCP Foundation Community.

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