Featured Contributors

Featured Creators

SCP: Infohazard features a number of popular, insightful, and prolific creators who are providing voices, writing, consultation, and art for the game, including:

TheeSherm (Site-42)

Sherman Christensen, better known as Theron Sherman of Site-42, is a prolific member of the SCP community, creating content for over 2 million Tiktok followers as well as Youtube.

TheeSherm produces high quality SCP Content, including SCP Reading Audio Podcasts, Video Readings, Livestreams, and independent films.


Mayor Lovecraft

Leeman kessler, better known as Mayor Lovecraft, is the real-life Mayor of Gambier, Ohio and a prolific content creator in Lovecraftian horror content.

The desk of alto clef

The Desk of Alto Clef is a content creator who works closely with the original author of the SCP character Alto Clef, with a large following online on multiple platforms.

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Featured Communities

This game would not be possible without the contribution of dedicated people in the SCP Foundation community, including:

SCP foundation Of Vrchat

With over 3000 members, SCP Foundation of VRC is the largest SCP roleplaying community on VRChat. This group features many US Veterans, many experienced roleplayers and writers.

SCp Ethics Committee

This European-based SCP collaboration group is responsible for creating a lot of lore expanding the world of the SCP Foundation universe.


This group of SCP writers expands the universe piece by piece through dedicated and thoughtful writings about the greater SCP universe and lore.


This community based around the lore of Dr. Alto Clef is constatnly bringing more and more of the SCP Foundation's lore to life through art, writing, and music.