Voice: G. M. Johnson

D-974 is the protagonist of SCP: Infohazard. Once a young man with a bright future, his career took a dark turn following a tragic incident born from desperation. Now, confined within the high-security walls of Site-97, D-974 awakens as the sole apparent survivor of a catastrophic containment breach. Haunted by his past and driven by a complex mix of guilt and hope, D-974 must navigate the twisted corridors and moral quandaries of the SCP Foundation. Under the watchful guidance of the facility’s emergency system, EMMA, he is thrust into a world where the lines between right and wrong blur, and every decision could have profound implications. As players peel back the layers of D-974’s story, they will question the nature of redemption and the price of forgiveness in a world where humanity and monstrosity intertwine.



EMMA, or “Emergency Management and Mitigation AI,” serves as the guiding voice of reason and assistance in the tumultuous environment of Site-97. Programmed to aid the highest-ranking survivor in times of crisis, EMMA provides crucial support to navigating the hazardous aftermath of the containment breach. Her directives are delivered with a cold, clinical precision, embodying the perfect synthesis of advanced AI capabilities and unwavering duty. EMMA's interactions are characterized by her logical and methodical approach to problem-solving, ensuring that players can rely on her for vital information and guidance as they traverse the perilous and often confusing landscape of Site-97.


Director Holter

Voice: Sherman Christensen

With a visionary mind and a relentless drive for scientific advancement, Director Charles Holter leads the facility's high-stakes research into the most volatile, reality-bending SCPs. His leadership is marked by a controversial blend of innovation and ruthlessness, often pushing ethical boundaries in the pursuit of knowledge and control.

Assisted by Evelyn Lazar, his equally determined and strategically adept Deputy, Holter orchestrates a series of bold experiments that ultimately trigger a catastrophic containment breach. As players navigate the chaos of Site-97, they encounter Holter's legacy—a landscape of broken realities and moral complexities.


Director Alto Clef

Voice: The Desk of Alto Clef

Director Alto Clef, a former Global Occult Coalition agent turned Training Director for the SCP Foundation, is a figure shrouded in mystery and controversy. Known for his uncanny ability to anchor reality, Clef's past actions and true capabilities are the subject of much speculation within the Foundation, making him a uniquely powerful ally—or a formidable enemy.

Additional characters

  • Leeman Kessler as O5-7, "The Politician"
  • Ryan Arming as O5-4, "The Ambassador"
  • Jack Magnani as O5-1, "The Founder"
  • Dusty Rhodes as D-124, a D-Class test subject exploring SCP-3930
  • Antony Rinner as Hawk, leader of the GOC's Phantom Unit


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The SCP Foundation stands as the backbone of SCP: Infohazard, a secretive and global organization committed to securing, containing, and protecting the world from anomalies that defy the laws of nature. Operated under a veil of mystery, the Foundation is driven by a mandate to prevent these supernatural entities and phenomena—known as SCPs—from threatening humanity and the normal order of the world.

With vast resources and an extensive network of facilities like Site-97, the Foundation employs a mix of cutting-edge science, strategic containment protocols, and ethical quandaries in its mission. Players are immersed in the complex hierarchy and internal dynamics of the Foundation, navigating its corridors not just physically but also politically and morally.

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The Global Occult Coalition

The Global Occult Coalition (GOC) emerges as the formidable antagonist in SCP: Infohazard, characterized by their unwavering commitment to maintaining global secrecy and security. Tasked with the mission to destroy any threats that challenge the normalcy of the world, the GOC operates under a strict doctrine of containment, destruction, and disinformation. In the wake of the catastrophic events at Site-97, they are determined not only to eradicate all traces of the breach but also to ensure that the horrors unleashed there never reach public awareness.
Armed with state-of-the-art technology and a mandate to protect humanity at any cost, the GOC operatives are clinical and precise in their methods. Their presence in the game adds a layer of urgency and moral complexity, as players must navigate the additional threat they pose to both the SCPs and the staff of Site-97. The GOC's goal is clear: to demolish the site and bury its secrets.