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Information Release Date: March 1, 2024

Indie studio GIB Games released a teaser trailer on March 1 to announce their upcoming project SCP: Infohazard, an adventure horror game, the latest in several pieces of media taking place in the universe of the fictional SCP Foundation.

The trailer for Infohazard showcases incredible detail and aesthetic, as well as a retro-noir feel & appearance which is often likened to modern titles like Lethal Company. The Foundation’s ruling shadow council, the O5s, are shown, along with several highly-detailed locations, including a darkened containment facility, a disturbing mansion, and a lone phone booth on an otherworldly landscape.

The trailer comes on the heels of the demo for Infohazard released on Steam at the beginning of the year. This 5-minute demo showcases the dread-inducing aesthetic of Site-97 by highlighting three separate parts of the facility.

SCP: Infohazard aims to be funded by its Kickstarter which launches this fall. Its initial goal of $50,000 is only the beginning, as the team hopes to raise upwards of $250,000 to produce a real “AAA SCP experience.” According to the team, the game will be released in chapters to reduce development time and costs, following a model popularized by titles such as Bendy and the Ink Machine.

In Infohazard, the player takes the role of a foundation test subject, utilized by the mysterious Foundation to help deal with the most dangerous monsters and anomalies that they contain. The player must navigate through the high-tech facility and neutralize reality-destroying anomalies—using their wits, rather than weapons, against the creatures in their way.

“We wanted to create an SCP game that was more than just shooting monsters,” said GIB Games CEO Sam Swicegood, “This game immerses the player and lets them explore the details of the facility in new and unique ways.” Swicegood has been a writer for the SCP Wiki for over a decade, and is an award-winning sci-fi and fantasy author—his titles include the 2018 Wizards on Walnut Street and 2019 New Apple Literary Award winner No Place.

The SCP Foundation is a massive collaborative project that began in 2008. This open-source fiction setting comprises tens of thousands of collaborative derivative works. The open properties of the license allow it to be utilized by indie development studios for games, movies, and other works, such as the popular SCP: Containment Breach published by Undertow Games in 2012. The SCP Foundation universe has a community of millions of fans.

"The SCP community has created thousands of amazing creative works," said Sherman Christensen, creator of Site-42, which has amassed over 3 million followers across multiple platforms, "Infohazard is full of details that hardcore SCP fans will love—while still being a fun and immersive adventure for people new to The Foundation." Christensen is one of several SCP content creators working with GIB Games in the development of this project. Others include well-known members of the SCP community including The Desk of Alto Clef and Mayor Lovecraft—aka Leeman Kessler, the real-life mayor of Gambier, Ohio and horror enthusiast.

The team behind Infohazard promise that the game will be chock-full of community favorite anomalies such as SCP-999. “We even have plushies as a kickstarter add-on,” Swicegood added with a laugh. Other anomalies confirmed to be in SCP:Infohazard include SCP-096, SCP-682, SCP-3930, and SCP-3008.

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